Welcome to Productized 2017

It has been almost two decades since I entered this University for the first time. When I look back, I remember myself as a young and dreamful 17-year-old teenager. Getting to the University was beyond a dream. I was about to embark on a journey that would connect me with great people, colleagues and professors who I still have a pleasure to call friends.

As I got through my studies I was excited to not only learn the beauty of coding, science and technology, but also get inspiration from the architecture of ISCTE, a very Portuguese interpretation of brutalism style. For the last editions I’ve been dreaming about the possibility to organize Productized Conference 2017 at ISCTE!

So it’s with great pleasure and pride that I welcome you to Productized 2017.

This is the third edition of Productized in Lisbon, a series of Workshops and Conferences that we expect to contribute to help established businesses and startups alike to craft better products.

When we started Productized, 3 years ago we had very little idea of what we wanted to do but, I guess every idea has its moment, and in the last 3 years the product arena has exploded, with new events, courses, and even universities stepping into the product management arena with courses and lectures.

Every single one of you, helped make this event possible.

To make Productized come to life, we relied on the effort of dozens of volunteers, say hello to the white t-shirts! And a core team, wearing red shirts, that for the last year has been busy organizing Productized 2017.

We are lucky to have among our founders, key product people. Carla Rocha has been a true partner, and Daniel Zacarias instrumental to give the necessary credibility to the several invitations that we have addressed to our speakers.

Productized 2017 has attracted almost 400 participants from over all over– with people travelling from literarily the other side of world, New Zealand, South Africa, California, Russia and of course mostly from Europe!

We thank you for your trust because, Productized 2017 is almost entirely paid by the ticket office, so that means that this first row paid for the coffee-breaks,

… the second row paid the catering…

…the last row paid for the after-party!

Product is ever more important

It is common to hear that product is hard, but the struggle of most companies is not how to make their products better, or even more scalable, but how to start scaling, how move from service delivery to product or to productized services.

There are many companies that continue to innovate as in the “I’m the king of the hill” way, developing closed systems that only their little pond of customers can adopt. And in Portugal we have several examples of this syndrome, innovative technological products created to dominate the domestic market that despite their usefulness have had very little capacity to expand overseas, Via Verde (from Brisa, one of our biggest groups here today), Multibanco (from SIBS) are good examples — because in a way they still struggle to productize their solutions.

Even big companies that operate in countries with small domestic markets, like ours, can’t afford the luxury of developing closed ecosystems of innovation, not oriented to the internet and to world markets. Portugal, at most, can work as a case study or laboratory test tube — so our companies should embrace startup innovation.

So what is Productized about? It’s not about marketing, it’s not about technology per se and definitely not about the latest flavours of scrum, or agile, nor any other hot new “certified” jargon — what unites this community is a shared care for the culture of product:

What makes a product great.

And the hard art of productization.

That’s why, we’ve made this event thinking about you,

We grouped the best leaders and attendees from Product Management, Product Design, UX into what we believe is a truly Product Thinking conference where all field are expected to intersect and provide meaning and food for thought for new discussions.

We have generous networking coffee-breaks so you can share your challenges with the professionals like you.

Coming from all over the world, our practitioners are passionate about products from leading companies and you should feel safe to share experiences, best practices, tips, and of course contacts.

And we have worked hard to create a psychologically safe place where you can feel free to share your thoughts with mind-like people, in a creative and self-growth way. We have staid out of several sponsorship deals to make sure that Productized stays free from corporate sales pitches nonsense.

Spreading product culture is important to us!

Those who cannot join us today can view us on live streaming on our website www.productized.co or at our Facebook page.

And when back to the office. With all those new ideas and techniques, be sure that your whole team will benefit from the conference, we will provide for access to all the 15 talks slide-decks and the over 10 hours of HD videos of today’s keynotes.

I’d like to invite you to experience Productized as much as our beautiful host city of Lisbon!

Have a great day! Enjoy.

About Productized Masterclasses

The Productized Masterclasses are 2 days of hands-on masterclasses and insightful keynote speakers. On 27 & 28 May you’ll enjoy 4 masterclasses of your choice, get practical tips, and network with your peers. Come and meet Dan Olsen, Kandis O’Brien, Radhika Dutt, Ken Sandy, or Daniel Zacarias, among many others and get ready to be inspired to learn more about Enterprise Product and Consumer Product! SAVE THE DATE — MAY 27–28 2021

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