Top 10 Product Tools of 2019

Welcome to the new year with new technology. This year, we have gathered our knowledge to present to you best product tools for 2019. Digital products have become more technologically advanced and therefore more competitive. Here, through careful research and analysis, we provide you with the best tools and to help create the outstanding products. These products have be designed to enhance, improve and perfect user experience with simple execution. We hope these insights will help you stay on top of the game.

1. Atlassian Jira

Helping unleash the potential of every team through open work.

First up is Jira. Jira, created by Atlassian, is ranked the best software tool used by agile teams. It is used to plan, track and release world-class software. Many say it is the core component when building their software.

Not only do they provide an efficient space for software development but they also have an inbuilt communication system that enables tasks and responsibilities to flow between one team member to another. This ease of flow of communication results in work being completed on time and to a good standard. This highly visual platform, through their drag and drop facility, gives the users greater levels of visibility. Furthermore, they appeal to a wide range of companies as they operate flexibility with, flex (using technology and work processes to increase automation design flexibility in order to decrease project costs and compress project schedule) and other mix methodology approaches. In summary, these qualities make it the best tool to bug tack, issue track and conduct project management; making our number one product tool of 2019.

In order for Atlassian to create a successful product tool they had make a lot of experiments and strategic tests and ultimately mistakes. The purpose of these tests enabled Atlassian to learn faster from their mistakes. Therefore, creating a better product tool. Their Senior Product Manager, Amber Van Hecke, spoke about this in greater depth at the Productized Conference. Click here to watch the her talk.

2. Roadmunk

A road-map tool for visualising your strategy and aligning your whole organisation.

This is a new and modern way of creating a road-map for a fast growing company. It allows the business to manage processes at various stages of growth, set goals, and achieve them in a timely period. This a new and easy to use software, all to help you build and share your product strategy. Anyone involved in product management can tell you how difficult it can be organise a series of projects.

This chart will show your products growth over a period of time. The timeline feature will create a structure for tasks. It will also include new features, infrastructure and stickiness.

This product tool erases this problem and so you can stay organised and manage tasks accordingly. As a result, Roadmunk has made it to the top of our product thinking tool of the year. Their simple yet innovative style makes it makes it suitable for up and coming millennial generation.

3. Prodpod

In the 21st Century, it can be hard to take time out complete a new book. However, this does not mean the desire to learn has died. It simply suggests that it is becoming increasingly difficult to find the time do to the things we really need or enjoy in this day and age.

Prodpod is a productivity podcast app. They have taken into consideration the hectic life of a product manager, just like yourselves. This podcast gives it’s users and convenient way to become more productivity with a series of audio clips that also practical steps.

4. Asana vs Trello

Get your team organise, track, and manage work in a fun and rewarding way. (Image credited to: Business 2 Community)

Though we mentioned the top 10 product tools. Both of the following products have similar qualities and an excellent service. Therefore, they are both our number 4 for best product tool 2019.

Map out every stage of the process and every piece of work with Asana.

Asana is predominantly a project management tool that gives workers the freedom to have complete control over their tasks and responsibilities. Trello, Asana’s competitor, which is slightly more visual also provides these same product management tools.

Whiteboarding with Trello

These tools have become one of the project management as their software has been constructed in an action-oriented way. Making it users feel organised and gives a sense of progression. Making it very easy to manage small teams in an organisation.

5. Balsamiq

Life is too short for bad software.

If you haven’t heard of Balsamiq you’re really missing out. Balsamiq is a graphic user interface that builds wireframes. They have give extensive support to their users, such as online an community with courses that teach them the fundamentals of wireframing, working with controls and assistance when finding the right product design tools. Finally, they have taken the extra step to promotion inspirational articles so the users can completely utilize the software.

You can use Balsamiq Wireframes for sketching any kind of user interface: software, apps, web apps, websites.

From our perspective, Balsamiq has gone above and beyond what they are expected to provide. They already have a very good product but these extra features take Balsamiq to the next level. Overall, by providing the customers with all these opportunities will increase customer loyalty and retention. They are becoming a well around company that provides a good project management tool and customer service. The whole package.

6. Artificial Intelligence Tools

Create predictive engines for any machine learning task. (Image credited to Pegasus One)

When most people consider AI, they automatically think of robots and their ability to take over the world. AI, though it is the base of a robots intelligence, is also used for a wide range of things. When used properly, AI can enhance the user experience and product; thus, giving value to your users and company..There is no doubt that AI tools are becoming increasingly dominant in the product management field. Tools such as machine learning have become one the most valuable features a product manager can access.

PredictionIO’s Event Server continuously collects data from your application. The predictive engine will then create predictive models, listens the issues form your application and present predictive solutions.

Apache PredictionIO is an open source Machine Learning Server, with the best source stack for developers. It helps build predictive engines for any machine learning project. Furthermore, it will implement your own machine learning models and seamlessly incorporate them to your engine while simplifying your data infrastructure management.

7. Product Board

Understand what users need, prioritise what to build, and rally everyone around.

Product board is a fairly new product management company, founded in 2014. Yet, they have penetrated the market and presented enough growth to make it to our top ten product tools of 2019. As a company, it’s their mission to help product leaders all over the world cultivate trust, transparency and creativity into every organisation and project.

It functions as an all inclusive management platform that enables users to email, manage project statuses and update staff on a local and global scale. Product board takes pride in their special features, as they should. These features make them stand out and elevate the user experience to another level. Features such as, the voting portal. This is to help edify new potential products and filters them before they are taken further. This way, the products that are made are always useful. This is done by a user publishing a selection of ideas onto the public’s portal. The idea will then be voted on and given feedback.

Productboard’s algorithm helps to sum up the feature requests and displays a user impact score that can help companies accurately rank the incoming requests.

Features like this, and many others — competitive analysis, prioritisation matrix, strategic initiatives, just to name a few — essentially transformed the user experience making it easy to manage products, staff and the software required to make things work. This tool is definitely worth the trial period.

8. InVision

The digital product design platform powering the world’s best user experiences

InVision is a platform that transforms your designs into interactive platforms through apps or the web. They give their users the visibility to prototype and test their designs so that they can behave like a real application. This way, they can make real-time changes to ensure the app is completely user friendly on any digital device.

InVision product tool allowing users to give direct feedback on applications. Image credits to Geoff Mackey Centerline Digital

They have also installed a drag and drop feature so the user can easily transfer files or images into the platform through any medium. InVision has advanced as a product tool by increasing the users ability to work as a team and collaborate with others. They have created a feature which will give the user the freedom to give feedback directly on the designs itself. Making it easier for the team to visualise the progress of the application. It also prevents disorganised and messy work as the feedback will be sent directly to the user.


Creating full interactive prototypes that work and act exactly how an app should.

This web interface gives users a the freedom to build and test your app as a prototype. Through their web app you can create fully interactive apps. They have created functions that go above and beyond what you would expect. One feature they provide is animation. This animation will elevate the apps and make it more visually appealing so that they gain more downloads and shares. Offer various animations to suit different kinds of apps types and purposes. Giving the users this flexibility makes them suitable for diverse markets.

Prototype samples for various platforms with

10. Typeform

Customer satisfaction is key with Typeform

“Your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room.” — Jeff Bezos, CEO & Founder, Amazon.

As a product manager, this same rule applies. With products. Typeform have the right mind set. They have created a tool that makes it easier to gather large portions of customer feedback. This feedback is a core factor in creating a product tool that people really like.

In a nutshell, Typeform is an online software service that is focused on building and online surveys. They predominantly make specialised dynamic forms for different kinds of users. Typeform is praised for its a flexibility in the design styles of form. It is important to make flexible and engaging forms so the company can grow from the feedback given. They have made the top 10 product tools of 2019 because they have tackled an issue: engaging customer for feedback; and provided a solution that is user friendly.

Typeform’s software has been used by Apple Inc., Airbnb, Uber and Nike, Inc. Typeform produces millions of forms every month.

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