Productized Podcasts — Shay Howe — Make the Customer a Hero

Recently we’ve had the great pleasure of chatting with Shay Howe, the VP of Platform Strategy at ActiveCampaign and we’d like to tell you about it.

Main topics covered:

👏🏻 Shay’s background and building teams that last within the company

✨ Mindset within a hyper-growth company

📗 Shay’s 2014 book ‘Learn to code HTML and CSS’

☺️ What makes a good customer experience

💯 How to build the team that delivers

🔥 AR/VR on CX

🤓 Machine learning and Automatization

Currently, at ActiveCampaign Shay leads platform experience and ecosystem, strategic partnerships, and product, front-end, and communication design. He works to make the customer a hero, helping them create ideal customer experiences through intuitive products, marketing, and integrations. Prior to ActiveCampaign Shay was VP of Product at Belly and Yello, where he was responsible for product strategy and design. He has previously led product teams at multiple high-growth companies, including Groupon. He has held in-residence roles as an advisor with the Techstars, Lightbank, and Prota venture portfolios. Shay is also the proud author of “Learn to Code HTML and CSS,” published by Pearson Education.

Time notes:

[ 01:20 ] Shay’s background and his experience at ActiveCampaign

Design is more than just making something look good, it’s also a means to solve a problem.

[ 4:30 ] The mindset within a hypergrowth organization and the gay area of opportunity.

[ 7:29 ] Overcoming current challenges at ActiveCampaign (managing opportunities and strategy)

We try to see what opportunities we do have and how we staff towards that. Also how do we build a culture? How do we grow that quickly in a sense that folks still understand how to make decisions?

[ 9:21 ] The experience behind Shay’s 2014 book ‘Learn to code HTML and CSS’

[ 14:00 ] How does the no-code/low code movement change the landscape of the market and the need to learn actual HTML and CSS?

[ 16:04 ] What makes a phenomenal customer experience?

[ 17:45 ] Strategy and recommendations to build the best customer experience

[ 22:00 ] How to achieve the ideal outside customer experience from within the company

[ 24:45 ] AR/VR impacting CX

[ 27:24 ] Machine learning levelling the playfield between small companies and fortune 500 companies

[ 28:10 ] Myths about automatization

[ 29:25 ] Why use ActiveCampaign

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Shay Howe recommends 📚 on product and leadership:

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📙 Leadership and professional growth — The Five Dysfunctions of a Team by Patrick Lencioni

📙 “Inspired” by Marty Cagan

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