Productized Podcast with Howard Tiersky— Winning Digital Customers

We talked with Howard Tiersky, WSJ Bestselling Author, Top 10 Digital Transformation Influencer, and CEO of From, the Digital Transformation Agency. Howard is on a mission to help brands navigate digital transformation — to re-invent their customer journeys to earn the love of today’s “Digital Customers.”

Time Notes

[2:30] Howard's new book “Winning Digital Customers: The Antidote to Irrelevance”

[6:00] How Howard tried to fit all the secrets to digital transformation on the book

[7:21] Superpowers of a Digital Transformation leader

Speak the language of Technology and business and, marketing, time travel to predict the needs of today and Predict the future

[8:21] How Howard started his career as a theater director and web designer

[11:38] What is the top-secret superpower that came out from those days as a Director and as a Web Designer

[13:20] 3 levels to achieve Customer Love

“Achieving the love of your customer is one of the most extraordinary things that you can do in a business. Most companies aren´t there yet, but those that achieve financial benefits as a result of that”

But, how do you make a customer love you? You can’t force them, but you can inspire them!

What causes people to love 😍 a brand?

📌First Level: Meet your customers need consistently (requirement, but not sufficient)

📌Second Level: Create occasion delight

📌Third Level: Stand for something they care about

[19:37] Major customer pains, and how digital as overcome that

[22:23] Experience and Process Redesigning the Avis app 🚗

  1. Research to understand each slice of the journey
  2. What is great? What are the Pain points? — Create a Pain Map

[27:33] Working with some of the largest brands in their digital transformation

[37:04] What do you think is the biggest digital transformation trend we’re seeing today and we’ll see in 10 years?

[41:45] The Main Skill of a Digital Transformation Team



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