Gibson Biddle joined Netflix as VP of Product in 2005. In 2010 he became the Chief Product Officer of his next startup, @Chegg, a textbook rental, and homework help company that went public in 2014. Today he’s an adviser, speaker, and guest lecturer at both Stanford University and INSEAD, and I’m super excited to host him today!

[02:07] Covid’s impact on Gibson’s work and routine.

[4:10] Ask Gib — Gibson’s new creative endeavors.

[4:38] Self-improvement opportunities Gibson found on a climbing expedition in Alaska. Climb Mount Hayes, which is a 14,000-foot peak in the middle of Alaska

“I do a lot of outdoor stuff and usually my lessons are in leadership”

NOLS climbing expedition in Alaska (Source)

[5:10] Lesson 1 from the climbing expedition

“My main lesson about leadership from the outdoors is really about how important is to be positive. So if you’re not positive, it’s really hard to rally the troops to do those big inspirational things. You are going to be beset with problems all the time. Your job as a leader is to solve those problems.

You’re also a leader. You’re not a follower. And that means you have to occasionally take on a lot of personal risks. You have to stick your neck out there and try things that you’re uncomfortable with.”

[7:11] What Led Gibson’s Career Toward Product?

[9:05] Six key ideas of Leadership

1. Ability to communicate an inspired vision of the future.

2. Strategic Thinking skills.

3. The Management ability and that’s really the ability to hire and develop teams to build organizations

3. Understand the role of culture. So culture is really cool.

4. Communication of vision.

[11: 55 ] Hacking your product leader career Masterclass with Gibson Biddle

[15: 29 ] Personal board of directors — a collection of mentors and peers that you can talk

[18: 35 ]How to build my personal board of directors?

“Figure out how to create value for your mentor. It sounds non-intuitive that you can help your potential mentor, but all mentors need help with something.”

[24: 00 ] Advice for people aspiring to become VP of Product

[26: 12] Cross-functional leadership

[28: 12] The job of a product leader

[33:57] Netflix culture

[35:17] Product management strengths and or disruptions for this year and next year

[39:24] How do you discover your superpowers?

“What are you so passionate about that you think about it two in the morning and that will drive your intellectual curiosity, your persistence. That’s what makes people great at their job!”

[45:55] “How do I feel about my relationships, community, and social?

How do I feel about the degree that I can set my own course for autonomy?

How do I feel about the opportunity for mastery and learning in my job? How do I feel about my opportunity and doing my job to provide purpose and meaning?”

[47:10] How to Define Your Product Strategy

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