Those PRODUCTIZED letters are actually made in white styrofoam lighted by red LEDs.

Productized: Event Management Stack

I have often wondered about the possibility of developing a SaaS to help with the management and planning of events and although I have actively searched for several platforms, I have never found any product that I actually use. So this is how our team’s event management stack is structured, essentially around the following tools.

This is where we have a google spreadsheet Masterplan doc (use template) with all the Logistics + Marketing planning, shared among all core team members.

In the bottom tabs, we have the several days of the event, and sub-events.

Our Agenda spreadsheet where we cook the product (use template of the event agenda and details) and do the speakers liaison tracking.

This is how we spend your hard earned money.

We also have a Budget google spreadsheet where we track our expenses but is poorly integrated with our finance tracking platform, Magnifinance from a local startup, that is super handy to quickly create invoices compliant with our tax law and do a bunch of other stuff — the feature I love the most? Automatically retrieves our deposits from all our bank and PayPal accounts, so we have an aggregate value in a single dashboard.

The new board view of Asana is super-useful for process like tasks.

We use Asana for team tasks management and we even use it for CRM. We used to have a Pipedrive for the CRM of sponsorships but no longer, we have moved our CRM to Asana, and we take notes there. It’s been working fine for our very humble needs.

Slacking with Edita.

I work full time as Product Management consultant at my client’s office location far away from the Productized office, so we have been “forced” to adopt a remote office culture. Slack has proved to be an ally, both for instant messaging with internal team members as well as external stakeholders, such as contractors and suppliers.

I must be honest that sometimes text-only communication with non-native speakers of English is tricky, as we have people from several nationalities and there’s lots of moments when we feel lost in translation!

Grab your ticket to Productized 17.

Eventbrite as a pure ticketing system is hard to beat, and it can be tweaked in many smart ways, so we have been sticking with it.

I think that more than developing a Swiss army knife tool that vouches for everything that an event organiser needs, and allows you to process everything based on templates, one should look into delivering a lot value in a given vertical. There are some verticals that can be exploited in a lean way i.e. no need to develop a SaaS tool, you can just do it as a consultant for others and figure out how to automate some tasks.

We have developed a PHP script that starts every day at 6pm GMT, calls the eventbrite API, and automatically sends the management team an email with the sales to date, and daily. It forces us to think about sales (or lack thereof) every day — Could we have done it with Zapier? Probably.

Not too bad: We sold a ticket today!
Team in progress. Some serious conference planning here at at our offices.

We still haven’t figured a way to easily sync our physical Kanban board with Asana, so what we do it at our Monday’s weekly all-hands meeting for a quick review of the weekly tasks, where we spend the first 5 minutes dumping tasks from Asana and the last 5 minutes updating Asana. Efficient? Probably not.

Voodoo works. Pinning speakers Productized Conference Lisbon 2017 on our cork board.

This is where we put the speakers and agenda, so the team has an updated idea of ​​the product we are selling!

The KISS element on the right. That’s me!

And of course an amazing team! Check who they are and if you want to be volunteer at Productized Conference? Get in touch!

PS. If you are starting your own event planning and want my templates, I’ll be glad to send them over. Please tweet me Productized.

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