Lauren Isaacson is a market and user experience research consultant from Vancouver, British Columbia. She began her career doing research and brand strategy for digital ad agencies in Los Angeles, California. Left that world behind and gravitated towards a career in research, after moving to Canada in 2009.

Since then, she has been an in-house research team of one for Motion Canada and TELUS Digital an interim leader of the market research department of BC’s hydroelectric utility, a subcontractor for agencies such as Blink, Macadamian, and Applause, and a direct consultant for small start-ups, national organizations, and anything in-between.

[1:58] How is Lauren taking adventures during this crazy year

[3:12] 1% for the Planet: Lauren’s a mission with the Environment

[5:40] From the advertising world to research

[7:05] “I love what I do because I am good at it”

[7:12] The birth of Curio design

[8:00] What are the main needs of companies? Difference between small and big companies.

[13:30] “People don't get how difficult it is to get get the right people, especially in B2B”

[15:46] The difference between physical and digital products

[18:12] Latest research trends and innovations

Lauren and her husband on a trip to Japan

[19:30] Chasing Rabbits — Turning research insights into informed decisions

[21:50] Passions, projects, and travels

[22:20] Lauren’s bucket list trip

Lauren on her last trip to South Africa

[23:58] “It’s hard to have a good work-life when you love your job”

[24:50] Plans for the future

[25:10] Q&A: What are the essential characteristics that someone who wants to start a business needs to have?

Lauren Isaacson recommends 📚 on product and leadership:

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📗 Technically Wrong by Sara Wachter-Boettcher

📘Bad Ass: Making Users Awesome by Kathy Sierra

📙The Signal and the Noise by Nate Silver

📙How to Hire and Manage Market Research Agencies by Kathryn Korostoff (works for UX research agencies too 😊)

📕Naked Statistics by Charles Wheelan

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