My Internship Experience at Productized

By Ana Carolina Messias

Gaining work experience was one of my priorities while taking a gap year. As a business student and ambitious person, I wanted to get my hands on the field, as soon as possible. I wanted to challenge myself in a different setting, gain practical insights and grow from it. And Productized has definitely given me that. It was such a ride!

Let me introduce myself. My name is Ana Carolina Messias and I’m a 21 years old Portuguese Graduated Business Student from Nova School of Business and Economics. In pursuit of my thirst for learning, exploring, and challenging myself, I studied in São Paulo for 6 months, doing an exchange program, and now I’m moving to Barcelona, for my Master in Marketing Management at ESADE Business School. I’m a big foodie, love dancing, and recently found a passion for boxing. 🥊

This is my internship experience at Productized.

I undertook a 6-month internship at Productized, starting in January 2021. It is based in Lisbon and its purpose is to empower, upskill and bring together the Product Management Community all over the world. I decided to take on this opportunity because it seemed to be a dynamic, fast-paced environment with purpose and a driven team behind it. And I was right!

I worked as a Sales & Customer Account Manager while also participating with the Marketing team on social media/community engagement and podcasts arrangements. I also collaborated with the Operations team with the execution of the Productized Masterclasses and led the Productized Annual Retreat.

The Productized Masterclasses 2021

This was the biggest event of the year and it was an amazing opportunity to see how strong this company is when it comes to teamwork.

I focused on closing sponsorship deals, getting new partnerships, and planning and executing our tickets’ sales strategy. Also, with my team, we worked on creating the best customer and sponsor experience journey and the event’s community platform.

It was a very hands-on job, and I had the opportunity to experience both the backstage and onstage of it all. During the event, I was the moderator of some of the Masterclasses, hosting its sessions live. It was challenging as I was speaking and leading conversations with some of the biggest International Product Experts. But extremely rewarding and an experience that I’ll cherish for the rest of my personal and professional career.

Masterclass by Stefan Haas & Catherine Louis

The Productized Podcast

On the podcasts, I worked on the scripts and communication strategy and was the host for several of them.

For me, the key to success is to dedicate time to research. I focused on gathering the best data and background on guests, the audience, and the content we would be covering. In order to build the best script and be prepared to guide the conversation, fast-thinking, and delivering the most interesting, full of content and fun session for everyone involved. Check out our latest podcasts!

Podcast with Ted Harrington

The Productized Retreat

I led the planning of the Productized Retreat 2021, and as a planner and a participant, it was so gratifying! The goal was to do a lean startup sprint acceleration in 3 days, to generate business proposals for Productized to implement through 2021–2022. We had such a fun, interactive, and fruitful few days! I can’t tell you how many posts-its we used.

I prioritized a full agenda with leisure and networking moments, intense work sessions, strong in both individual work and teamwork. It was a great opportunity to develop my event planning skills, from negotiating accommodation, classes like yoga 🧘🏽‍♂️ and surf lessons, to time management and dealing with last-minute changes. Want to organize a team retreat for your company? Ask the Productized team.

What I liked the most about the company’s culture

What I liked the most was that I felt and was treated as a full-time employee. High responsibility equals trust so, I got the opportunity to work on meaningful tasks that were crucial to the company’s business. I felt that my work was relevant and had a purpose and with a bit of adrenaline, which made getting up in the morning an exciting feeling!

I also have to thank my team, which was a very important piece of the puzzle in this entire experience. They made me feel comfortable to always reach out in case of doubt pushing me, at the same time, to become more autonomous. We worked together on every project and shared feedback with each other. I learned so much from them, both on a personal and professional level.

My biggest takeaways

🥗#1 Be proactive and hungry!
Take initiative in everything you do, always give your best and look for ways to improve and create impact.

🔗#2 Interact and make connections.
You will meet new people along the way. You can learn so much from them!

🙏#3 Be humble.
To learn from others, to accept your mistakes, and grow from them both personally and professionally.

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