Mission (Not!) Impossible: From the Lab to the Market hosted by Productized

From left to right, André Marquet, Joana Paiva, Tiago Reis and Inês Rito Lima.

About the Guests

Joana S. Paiva is a CTO & Co-Founder of I-Lof, an Oxford-based startup, working to enable a new era of personalized medicine, by using AI and photonics to build a cloud-based library of diseases biomarkers and biological profiles. She is the inventor of 5 patents, a scientist with over 30 publications, and has many other roles in the areas of photonics and biomedical engineer. In 2021 she won the Women Entrepreneurship Award by CLSBE. (Winner of Startup Award 2019)

Nuno Seixas from Altice Labs

Time notes:

[ 05:25 ] About Altice Innovation International Award by Nuno Seixas from Altice Labs

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