How to create a Live Podcast [with resources]

Hi Podcast fan,🎙

I’m the biggest podcast fan in the world🌏 and I’ve been producing the Productized podcasts and videocasts and I have some secrets to share with you. Let’s go? 🚀

You have every reason to start a podcast since this medium is living it's golden days.

By 2021, according to a report by Edison Research, 78% of the American population is familiar with podcasts.

Among the US population aged 12 and older, the total number of people who have listened to a podcast has reached a record 57% in 2021, representing a 23% growth since 2015. Taking this into account, 37% of this sample listened to a podcast in the last month, of these, 28% listened to a podcast in the last week ().

Growing Familiarity with Podcasts (Edison Research)
Growing Familiarity with Podcasts (Edison Research)
Growing Familiarity with Podcasts (Edison Research)

Why just a podcast when you can do a videocast?

First of all, you have to understand the difference between the two. Videocasts and are live on youtube or other platforms and involve both visual and audio content. Podcasts are just audio. You can do both, I will tell you how we do it.

How do we make our Podcast? First, we record a Live Podcast on our youtube channel. Here is an example of one of the latest podcasts we recorded with Howard Tiersky using restream. .

Live Podcast with Restream
Live Podcast with Restream
Live Podcast with Restream

Then we collect the audio, edit it and turn it into a podcast that is distributed on all platforms. What’s the best way to distribute your podcast? Then we create a with podcast time notes, photos of the guests, and a list of books recommended by our guests.

Pre Recording

  1. Contact the Guest. Arrange with the guest a date, time and make sure they are available for a 1-hour podcast with 15 minutes tech check.
  2. Prepare the Designs
  3. Have a to-do list. Here we use Asana to keep a list of tasks we need to do before the event, on the day, during the recording, and after the recording.
  4. Set up the Live.
  5. Schedule Briefing/Debriefing Meeting
  6. Share with the community. Share on social networks, in your newsletter, and send it to your friends.
  7. Prepare the script in advance and brief the guest properly.

On the Day

  1. Always do a Tech Check!
    You never know what problems may arise, even if you’re doing a podcast for a long time, there are always things to take into account. Take the opportunity to review the script, test the internet connection and see if there are any sound or image problems.
A podcast using Zoom Webinar
A podcast using Zoom Webinar
A podcast using Zoom Webinar

After the Recording

  1. Always do a Retro to understand the action items. The idea is to always think about things that went well, to improve, and action items. (Here at productized, we use the app or Miro Board)
Podcast Retro using Miro Board
Podcast Retro using Miro Board
Podcast Retro using Miro Board

Would you like to produce a podcast? In this guide, you will find all the resources you need to create your podcast in 11 steps (or less).

📌An Asana template with all our lessons learned

📌A Script example

📌How to set up a Zoom meeting live on Youtube

📌Tips on how we edit the podcast.

📌How to make the host look like a Rockstar?

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