Flying New: The Story of Our New Visual Identity

As Picasso once said, ‘I begin with an idea and then it becomes something else.’ Successful products always begin as an idea. This idea is developed, rethought, adjusted and often recreated until it reaches its perfection, desired form. The moment when you go from being stuck on the problem to believing in your own creativity is called success! And this is the moment when we start doing more with less…

Most great ideas start with a piece of paper, where we make notes, sketches, write, erase, turn around, fold a few times… A piece of paper can do amazing things, with some simple folds we can make a product as complex as an airplane capable of flying.

With a few more folds we are able to create endless possibilities, such an impressive origami, designed and developed with a simple and powerful material. And that’s where our inspiration comes from, making products that are visible!

The story of creation of Productized brand image throws back to the year 2014, Lisbon. Our founding fathers André Marquet and a group of talented innovators from WithCompany were looking for the concept that can become a manifest of their beliefs, not just a marketing solution. They frequently talked about mission and vision first, but the basic underlying foundation was set in the following values:

  • Production;
  • Leadership;
  • Team spirit;
  • Expertise;
  • Exploration
Team spirit+ Action+Improvement

What do these WORDS mean to us (our team, curators, volunteers, Productized community) and how are they related to our image?

We know that great products are hard to build, and just as difficult to manage. From the start Productized team wanted to portray the exciting vision for the future that can create and unite a strong community of “productizers”.

Who is a ‘‘productizer’’? Productizer is an innovator who knows how to: 1) find the most practical side of the idea 2) take advantage of the opportunities 3) produce multiple results and ‘‘recycle’’ the components 4) look at the idea from a different prospective, turn it into dimensional, three-dimensional product.

Our first logo idea

To that end, André and WithCompany explored many typefaces and design solutions. They’ve chosen a design that is characterized by clean lines and a modern appearance.The letter P represents multiple things. First of all, it stands for the name of our conference Productized. It also shows simplicity, but at the same time conveys a big change: all great ideas start from a blank sheet of paper, one letter.

Experimenting with colors and techniques

The 3-D dimension demonstrates that the process of creation is multilayer, it just depends on the angle at which the light ray falls.You can also notice that some colors on the logo are inside of the letter and some are outside of it.

The design that started it all

That represents movement and process. We bridge at Productized many worlds and ideas, and it was important to bring that in our visual identity.

Today, Productized is a conference with an international scope, in a record attendance of more than 900 participants.

And until today our values remind us what it takes to get our mission done. In keeping in line with the beautiful branding project made by WithCompany, we developed a new concept of a paper plane as our visual identity.

As we believe that the possibilities are endless, our art will always be unique. Productized designer Vinicius Dias uses generative art to create new backgrounds, new folds, and new shapes, while maintaining the concept of origami and creativity. Vinicius brings a new stile to our brand from a Github-hosted tool created by Maksim Surguy, which allows anyone to create beautiful and infinite geometric patterns, totally free to use. You can try it here.

Github-hosted tool creates beautiful geometric patterns just in one “Click”
Improving speaker profiles

‘‘As the ideas, design starts in a freestyle mode. Only throughout the process you start finding the right angle, adjusting information in a certain way, setting for every image a singular frame. Each element of our paper plane has a different format that is created from the irregular shape of our first logo,’’ comments Vinicius

New concept of ‘flying’ ideas

This new concept of ‘flying’ ideas demonstrates our love of being in motion, reminds to us that the wellness is a journey, not only a destination because sometimes you don’t know where the path can lead. But that is a beautiful thing.

About Productized Masterclasses

The Productized Masterclasses are 2 days of hands-on masterclasses and insightful keynote speakers. On 27 & 28 May you’ll enjoy 4 masterclasses of your choice, get practical tips, and network with your peers. Come and meet Dan Olsen, Kandis O’Brien, Radhika Dutt, Ken Sandy, or Daniel Zacarias, among many others and get ready to be inspired to learn more about Enterprise Product and Consumer Product! SAVE THE DATE — MAY 27–28 2021

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