98. Future education — how will school K12 be offered in the city? with Tim Vieira

In this episode, André was talking to Tim Vieira. He joined the Management/Administration of Business course at UNISA, dropping out to build his own business in 1993. Tim established one of the first independent microbreweries in South Africa. Later, he also joined the Executive Program at Chicago BOOTH School in London. Today Tim is the CEO of Brave Generation (Europa) with other investments in Agriculture, Services, IT, Human Resources, Cinema Production, Real estate, energy, and Tourism and is currently establishing an investment fund for opportunities in Portugal.

Main topics covered:

🚀 How to improve future opportunities for our youth for a better tomorrow?

😄 How can young people develop their passions and purposes in life?

🏫 Change in the K-12 school system.

✈️ How to be not only a parent but a friend to your kids?

Time notes:

Introduction of the guest [0:30]

What was Tims’ first entrepreneurial project? [3:30]

Do something, get paid, and get money to do something else that I wanted to do.

If you go to Africa and Asia, you learn that you are given nothing.

Insights of Tim’s last trip to the US [7:10]

Tim’s participation in the Portuguese Shark Tank TV show [11:25]

In Portugal, TV does help to meet other people and to open doors.

Why Tim has chosen to live in Portugal and be an ambassador for it? [16:20]

I see the potential in Portugal. If I didn’t, I wouldn’t complain.

Brave Generation Academy (BGA) development and relation to Cascais municipality [19:00]

When you are paying and receiving, you feel that it is fair.

What does a typical Tim Vieira workday vision look like [22:20]

When you leave school, you start living. I don’t think it should be like that.

When you do things you love, you don’t notice that you are tired.

Tim’s 181 day trip around the World with family [26:30]

It was the whole mix of feelings and experiences, and that was what we wanted.

My balance is really about getting to know my kids, becoming their friends, and passing something on to them.

What is the Brave Generation Academy about and how did it start? [29:40]

Make kids find purpose a little earlier and really make it personal.

I felt guilty about the current education model. I could see that my kids were not doing the things they loved.

Criticism about online education is based on starting on the screen the whole day [36:50]

Competition in education-based products [39:40]

Is it possible to enrol on the University by attending a non-traditional school? [43:00]

We don’t prepare them for University. We prepare them for life.

What nationality kids are attending BGA? [45:20]

Digital education platform development [51:40]

I want to be the base from which these platforms can work.

Plans around a BGA version for Sports Academy [53:10]

Any one of our Academies works for a sportsman.

Is BGA good for kids who want to focus on a specific niche, e.g., chemistry lab [55:20]

Everything is around us, and people who a willing to help are around us.

Education is the future. We keep saying it but we do nothing about it.

What new technology would Tim learn if he had 3 months to do it? [1:04:20]

I actually enjoy not becoming an expert. I definitely admire people who are doing that stuff.

Words of wisdom for younger Tim [1:08:20]

Drop out, make all the mistakes you made and marry the same person you married.

If I focused more, I would’ve had less fun.

Tim’s recommendations [1:09:20]

Tim recommends:

📽 Documentary on Netflix: The short game


This podcast was hosted by André Marquet, with research done by Evelina Bogdiun and sound edited by Miguel Sousa.

The Productized Podcast is a series of interviews with product innovators, successful makers, and entrepreneurs. We hope to inspire the listeners of this show to be courageous and productize!

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