91. STEAM: Build the future of your career doing what you love with Justyna Cyrankiewicz

Recently we’ve had the great pleasure of chatting with Justyna Cyrankiewicz, an intersectional, talented and young woman. Justyna sort of shaped her career in a way that combines her major interests which are: art, technology, design, writing, activism (environmental and social), mental health, and wellbeing. She calls herself a storyteller due to the lack of a proper term that would adequately describe what she does and where she is headed on her professional path. She sees a strong value in smart volunteering and a multidisciplinary approach toward careers.

Main topics covered:

⚡️ The dream of studying at a Harry-Potter style university

🚀 Being business-oriented in design

🤓 Web3 design mood

✍️ Storytelling as a form of teaching


[ 4:35 ] Finding new places and working in something you love

“I needed something about I would be passionate about, but that it was not only my job”

[ 13:05 ] The importance of volunteering and activism to protect the environment

[ 13:50 ] Experience of organising TedTalks for human rights

[ 16:36 ] “The difference between self-confidence and self-believe and challenges in your life”

[ 16:55 ] The dream of studying at a Harry-Potter style university

[ 20:00 ] Can you be business-oriented, even in design?

[ 23:27 ] Making a gap year at such a young age even if you already know what you want, or don’t know what you want to do at all

[ 25:25 ] “Youtube is a free University, you just have to be willing to learn”

[ 26:43 ] Having the right attitude of faking it till you make it

[ 31:34 ] Web3 design mood and the opportunities it brings for designers as a way to co-create and find new value creation paths

[ 37:11 ] To be a storyteller is to think about people first

“The way we tell stories is changing”

[ 39:52 ] Storytelling as a form of teaching

[ 44:34 ] Work-experience at HOO KOO E KOO

[ 44:52 ] To enter the world of work is not hard, but you need the guts to do it your way

[ 48:50 ] More advice for young people who want to start their career

[ 51:30 ] As a freelancer, you create a unique portfolio so you can then reach out to more clients with confidence

Justyna recommends:

📕 Man’s Search for Meaning — Viktor Frankl

📕 The Will to Meaning — Viktor Frankl

📕 The Pathway of Surrender — David R. Hawkins

📕 Force vs Power — David R. Hawkins

📕 The Power of Now — Eckhart Tolle

📕 The Tao of Pooh — Benjamin Hoff

📕 The Four Agreements — Don Miguel Ruiz

🎙 TED Talks Daily

🎙 Super Soul Conversations

👩‍🎤 People / Profiles / Organisations to follow (Instagram):

Adam Grant, Zat Rana, Sorelle Amore, Nathaniel Drew, Yung Pueblo, Ronwritings, Beamingdesign, Matt Blease, Neri Oxman, Purposologist, Jack Harries, Real Fun Wow, Ram Dass, We The Urban, Feminist, Mrzyk & Moriceau, The Happy Broadcast, Earthrise Studio, Yuval Noah Harari, World Economic Forum, Shaun King, We Are Not Really Strangers, Neil Strauss, Atmos, The School of Life, Radhanath Swami.


This podcast was hosted by me, André Marquet. Produced by Teresa Segismundo, with research by Katarzyna Chryczyk and sound editing by Miguel Sousa.

The Productized Podcast is produced by Productized — a series of interviews with product innovators, successful makers, and entrepreneurs. We hope those who listen to the ideas on this show are inspired to productize.

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Through workshops, courses and coaching, we seek to contribute to the relationship between people and their organizations to build better products. Welcome!

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Through workshops, courses and coaching, we seek to contribute to the relationship between people and their organizations to build better products. Welcome!

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