87. Productized Podcast- From UX To AI: Creating Better Data Across Tech with Lloyd Humphreys

2 min readNov 25, 2021


Recently we’ve had the great pleasure of chatting with Lloyd Humphreys, Principal PM for Data & Analytics at Tradeshift. Lloyd relocated from North Wales to Copenhagen to get closer to the tech scene. He was a freelance designer turned product owner. These days he prefers to work with data as he believes it’s possible to make a bigger impact with that skill set. He approaches his role at Tradeshift, which is the leader in e-invoicing and accounts payable automation, and uses an AI technology called Ada. Learn how from UX To AI we can create better data across tech.

Main topics covered:

🌱 How to grow from UX to Principal PM

🤓 Is it possible to be self-taught?

🛠️ Design and technical side during the product development process

🧰 AI as a tool in a toolbox

Time notes:

[03:50] Trying different career paths: Freelancer, graphic designer, UX, PM

[14:20] How AI will change the future of PM and features in general

“Necessity being the mother of the invention”

[18:30] Self-taught or/and courses and studies

“People are carry about neighborhood. I could not have a happy life surrounded by people who are not happy.”

[24:50] The aim of Tradeshift

[29:15] Product development process — the design side or the technical side?

“Design can helps with everything”

[34:00] Understanding the user’s problem and fulfilling their expectations about the product

“Researching and testing process is like being therapist for the User”

[38:10] What are the most common mistakes PMs do?

[39:35] Artificial intelligence is just “one tool in the toolbox”

[41:20] Meet with Lloyd on metal concert

“I really enjoy SmarterEveryDay”

Lloyd mentioned during the podcast:

John Cutler — twitter.com/johncutlefish

John Romero — twitter.com/romero


This podcast was hosted by me, André Marquet. Produced by Teresa Segismundo, with research by Katarzyna Chryczyk and sound engineering by Daniel Alves.

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