📌 What to Expect from our Virtual Conference

Networking is at the basis of any event. Getting to know new people and establishing new partnerships is the main key to Productized Conference. Even online, you will have plenty of opportunities to meet your product soulmate… leverage on your career, and gain new perspectives of the product community.

We want your Productized experience to beat the ceiling of online events. We want you to network with all participants, speakers and also know the sponsors and what they can offer to you.


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Actually, Productized Conference has started some months ago with 8 workshops and more than 200 attendees.

But this was only possible because we counted on product professional trainers such as Annie Pugliese, Ashley Nicodemus and Blair Koeneman (UEGroup), Ken Sandy (UC Berkeley), Sarah Garcia and Megan Lee-Thorp (UEGroup), Shobhit Chugh (Google), João Craveiro (FARFETCH Tech), Joshua Mauldin (Fractal Design), Ram Almog (RED-INTERACTIVE), Ricardo Luiz (Talkdesk) and Xavier Martins (Sensei). Thank you!

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Why can’t you miss this opportunity?

Because we have 6 new experiences for you, without leaving the sofa! In addition to being able to attend 2 days of 20 different talks, you’ll be able to ask the speakers all your questions live and participate in 4 Fireside Chats with all the experts. During the breaks connect with your peers and enrich your knowledge of the product area.

We are less than 3 weeks away from the big event, will you join us? Check out our suggestions.

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Your step by step guide:

Find out what’s special for you 👇

Join our community on Slack

👋 We have a community of +250 productizers. Join our #BookClub, and don’t forget to do your #introductions and interact with our Product Community. Have you joined it yet?

Make meaningful connections with Potlatch

It’s like Tinder 🔥 for conference networking. So, why don’t you sign up with Potlatch and get to know your soul mate in the product area? Maybe here you will find a good mentor, future colleague, or just establish a good friendship on the other side of the planet. Stay tuned!

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When? Register first, engage later.

Enjoy Coffee Shop

☕ What if you could have a room just to have a mid-morning cup of coffee and talk to other attendees? That will really happen! Join the Coffee Shop. In this room, you will be able to interact live with the speakers, participate in small dynamics, and make more effective contacts. Don’t be shy!

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When? Both days.

Cooking with José

🥘 Prepare your chopping board, knife, and pan! Add the spices, the onion, and the garlic and cook with José! Yes, we’ll send you the list of ingredients in advance and we’ll have a community workshop all together! Come and share this live moment with us.

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When? 26 November.

1:1 with Sponsors

💬 Want to learn more about OutSystems products? Or to understand what the Farfetch corporate spirit looks like? Would you like to join the Volkswagen Digital Solutions team? How to do all this? Save 5 minutes of your time and book a slot in advance so that you can speak personally with these companies.

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When? 27 November.

Our experience doesn’t stop there.

Productized has joined Black Friday with digital gift perks! 🖤 Enjoy all the offers and discounts we have for you. Merry Christmas!

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When? 25 November –31 December

Unwrap it now!🎄

What do we have for you? You will only know if you join us this year. We bet some are even on your wish list. Share this moment and bring your friends with you!

What is the time of the event?

⏰ While some are having breakfast, others are already thinking about what the afternoon snack will be. The clock is ticking… This is the great thing an online event can offer us!

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How are you going to achieve all this?

Don’t you have time to watch it all? Don’t worry because with your ticket you’ll have access to all the recorded talks with unlimited time. Take advantage of these last moments to buy your ticket and 👉 join Productized Online 2020!

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Let’s recap?

📍 Keep your map and don’t miss this opportunity.

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💻 2 days with 18 talks

🔥 4 Fireside Chats

❓ Q&A Opportunity

🤝 Networking moments

🎟️️ Have you bought your ticket yet?!

We are here for you ❤️,

Productized Team

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Through workshops, courses and coaching, we seek to contribute to the relationship between people and their organizations to build better products. Welcome!

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