106. Diogo Rendeiro: Product at tech unicorns, perfectionism, remote work and unique passions

5 min readJul 13, 2022

In the 3rd episode of the podcast, João Moita is speaking with Diogo Rendeiro, Head of Produc at Amplemarket and one of the speakers of the first Product Weekend event, held in May.

Diogo has a vast experience in Product, having worked at 3 different tech unicorns and now at a fast-growing early-stage company. In this conversation, he shares some useful insights and personal stories about his path.

Besides being a Head of Product he is also an empathic mentor, an innovator at heart and a fun person with the craziest passions.

By the end of the episode, you have some books and travel recommendations from him. I hope you enjoy this episode.

Time notes:

[0:10] Introduction of the guest

[0:55] Passion for computers and technology since childhood

With very limited time and very limited resources, I could make my own website. That was the first Aha! moment.

[4:30] Starting University being confident about the future path

[5:50] In University, Diogo expected his future to be in programming

“When I got into Master’s, I was like, oh, I don’t like this.”

[7:20] Professional paths of Diogo — consulting, research and academia

[10:30] Realise of expectations from the career, Berlin and fridges with free Coca Cola

Looking back it’s very easy to connect the dots, but it’s much harder looking forward.

“As I searched more and saw job titles and locations, I was digging more and more. Berlin started coming on my radar as well.”

[14:34] Product management at Zalando experience

“You are not in consulting anymore, Diogo. You can relax a bit.”

“Everything feels broken all the time. But it gets a little better every week.”

[18:10] Personal experience of first time living abroad, logistics, friends & personal change

Eventually, I found my group. A lot of them are still very good friends.

I was more judgemental, I became a little more indifferent in a way. […] Caring less about what other people think of me.

[24:12] Diogo’s attraction to unicorn companies

At fast-moving hyper-growth companies, you are able to see the impact of things over time without changing the company every 3 months. But at the same time, it feels like a different company every 3 to 6 months.

[26:36] “Innovator’s dilemma”, the book’s message and impact on operating day-to-day

The first challenge is in our brains. How can we be objective about different opportunities?

[35:30] What is Amplemarket company about and joining the company

[40:54] Differences between working in product management for huge companies and small companies, super closely with the founders

[43:48] Stage of hiring a product manager in a company

I think that product managers and product leaders are never the CEOs of the product. Most of our job is about alignment.

[46:20] The biggest challenge in product is growing the product team

[49:18] The tendency towards perfectionism and rationalising it

[51:28] Mentors that help to succeed in the product management path and being a mentor

I never had anyone that I told “you are my mentor” or an official relationship. Some of them are mentors in a kind of a Master Yoda sense.

[55:30] Monitoring work-life balance and having fun at work

There is nothing wrong with working on a computer after dinner instead of watching Netflix. Meanwhile, if it causes not paying attention to the significant other or forgetting to meet with friends, it becomes a problem.

[1:02:10] Future of the remote work

What people most want, is flexibility. […] Nobody wants to drop a perk of what flexibility gives.

[1:05:05] Unusual hobbies: collecting hats, and pipes, and playing with LEGO

[1:09:55] Books, cities and podcasts recommendations.

📚 3 favourite books:

📕1984 by George Orwell

📕A Game of Thrones #1 by George R.R. Martin

📕The Selfish Gene by Richard Dawkins

🏙 5 favourite cities






🎙 3 favourite podcasts


E o Resto é História

Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History


This podcast was hosted by João Moita from Product Weekend, with sound edited by Miguel Sousa and production help by Productized, André Marquet and Evelina Bogdiun.




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